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Library No                                                                                             All DVDs if not indicated
Music and Art
7 Elements of Jazz: From Cakewalks to Fusion Bill Messenger CD 8-45 min
8 How to Listen and Understand Great Music (3rd edition) Robert Greenberg 48-45 min
9 The Symphony Robert Greenberg 24-45 min
10 Understanding the Fundamentals of Music Robert Greenberg 16-45 min
11 The Concerto Robert Greenberg 24-45 min
12 Great Masters: Mozart - His Life and his Music Robert Greenberg 8-45 min
13 Beethoven's Piano Sonatas Robert Greenberg 24-45 min
14 A History of European Art William Kloss 48-30 min

Body and Mind
15 Consciousness and Its Implications Daniel N Robinson 12-30 min
16 The Human Body: How we fail, How we heal Anthony A Goodman 24-30 min
17 Practicing Mindfulness: An Introduction to meditation Mark W Muesse 24-30 min
18 Understanding the Mysteries of Human Behaviour Mark Leary 24-30 min
19 How We Learn Monisha Pasupathi 24-30 min
20 The Science of Natural Healing Mimi Guarneri 24-30 min
21 The Spiritual Brain: Science and Religious Experience Andrew Newberg 24-30 min
22 Origins of the Human Mind Stephen P Hinshaw 24-30 min
2 Lifelong health - Achieving Optimum Well-being at any Age Anthony A Goodman 36-30 min
42 Argumentation: The Study of Effective Reasoning David Zarefsky 24-30 min
43 No Excuses: Existentialism and the Meaning of Life Robert C Solomon 24-30 min
56 Biology and Human behaviour: The Neurological Origins of Individuality Rober Sapolsky 24-30 min
57 Understanding the Brain Jeanette Norden 36-30 min
58 Understanding the Human Body: An Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology Anthony A Goodman 30-30 min

28 A History of Hitler's Empire (2nd edition) Thomas Childers 12-30 min
24 Ancient Greek Civilization Jeremy McInerney 24-30 min
25 The History of Ancient Rome Garrett G Fagan 48-30 min
26 Foundations of Western Civilization 2: A history of the Modern Western World Thomas F X Noble 48-30 min
27 World War 2: A Military & Social History Thomas Childers 30-30 min
38 Classical Mythology Elizabeth Vandiver 24-30 min
29 Big History: The Big Bang, Life on Earth and the Rise of Humanity David Christian 48-30 min

Reading and Writing
31 The Art of Reading Timothy Spurgin 24-30 min
32 Writing Creative Nonfiction Tilar J Mazzeo 24-30 min
33 The Art of Public Speaking: lessons from the Greatest Speeches in History John R Hale 12-30 Min
34 Building Great Sentences: Exploring the Writer's Craft Brooks Landon 24-30 min
35 Books the have made History: Books that Can Change Your Life J Rufus Fears 36-30 min
39 Great Authors of the Western Literary Tradition 2nd edition Multiple professors 84-30 min
40 Great Minds of the of the Western Intellectual Tradition 3rd edition Multiple professors 84-30 min

Religion and Philosophy
44 The New Testament Bart D Ehrman 24-30 min
45 The Old Testament Amy-Jill Levine 24-30 min
46 Great World Religions: Buddhism Malcolm D Eckel 12-30 min
47 Great World Religions: Christianity Luke T Johnson 12-30 min
48 Great World Religions: Hinduism Mark W Muesse 12-30 min
49 Great World Religions: Islam John L Espoito 12-30 min
50 Great World Religions: Judaism Isaiah Gefni 12-30 min
51 The Dead Sea Scrolls Gary A Rendsberg 24-30 min
52 The History of the Bible: The Making of the New Testament Canon Bart D Ehrman 12-30 min
41 The Great Ideas of Philosophy 2nd edition Daniel N Robinson 60-30 min

6 Unexpected Economics
Timothy Taylor 24-30 min
4 Economics (3rd edition) Timothy Taylor 36-30 min
5 Understanding Complexity Scott E Page 12-30 min
55 My Favorite Universe Neil deGrasse Tyson 12-30 Min
53 Cosmology: The History and Nature of Our Universe Mark Whittle 36-30 min
54 Understanding the Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy 2nd edition Alex Filippenko 96-30 min
59 Meteorology: An Intoduction to the Wonders of the weather Robert G Fovell 24-30 min
60 Change and Motion : Calculus made Clear 2nd edition Michael Starbird 24-30 min
61 The Joy of Mathematics Arthur T Benjamin 24-30 min
63 Einstein's Relativity and the Quantum Revoluton: Modern Physics for Non-scientists Richard Wolfsen 24-30 min
64 Quantum Mechanics: The Physics of the Microscopic World Benjamin Schumacher 24-30 min
62 The Mathematics of Games and Puzzles: From Cards to Sudoku Arthur T Benjamin 12-45 Min
1 The Everyday Guide to Wine (Guidebook missing Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan 24-30 min
3 The Art of Critical Decision Making Michael P Roberts 24-30 min
23 How to become a Superstar Student Michael Geison 18-30 min
65 Fundamentals of Photography Joel Sartore 24-30 min
37 How Conversation Works : 6 lessons for better Cummunication Anne Curzan 6-30 min